Första digitala föredraget bokat!

Mitt första digitala föredrag har nu blivit bekräftat! Jag är oerhört lycklig över att få ge föredraget Passion, importance and performance – creative rules of engagement for greater impact of science in society den 22 april i UU Innovations seminarieserie Take Off!. Föredragets beskrivning lyder som följer:

For almost ten years historian Mia Skott has communicated and engaged the public in her research into female agency and professional independence during pre-modern times. By presenting new evidence – including in talks, blogs, media and in her coming book – Mia’s aim is to change how we view and value the work and self-sufficiency of women past and present. Mia has also been involved in projects aimed at improving the future prospects of cultural heritage institutions through stakeholder collaboration, as well as for many years worked with communication and policy in the fields of science and technology in the UK. This talk is for anyone who wants to explore practical and hopefully inspiring ways of communicating their research for the benefit of society. Mia addresses the process from why, through to how and finally to the often tricky evaluation of impact part.

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